Our COVID-secure action plan

See how we're keeping our venue safe and secure for your event.

Before arriving at the venue

We require all delegates, visitors and suppliers to fill out an attendee preference form which allows us to collect the correct contact information for our track and trace.

We are using miaTrustedTrace to provide confidence and assurance to all delegates within our venue so that they can be contacted, should they be exposed to the virus. All delegates must sign a declaration 48 hours before an event to say that they are aware of the risk and, to the best of their knowledge, have not been in contact with any infected parties.

We have positioned track and trace QR codes around our venue so that visitors who are on-site for more than 15 minutes can scan themselves in. Your data will only remain on our system for the required 21 days, so you can be assured that we are managing internal processes correctly and compliantly.

On arrival

You will need to wear a face-covering and sanitise your hands before entering our building. Once you have signed in at our front desk, you will have your temperature checked.

This temperature reading will remain on our system for 21 days to assist the track and trace system.

Around the venue

We have implemented a one-way system around the venue to ensure socialdistancing measures can be met and maintained. You will also see numerous automatic hand-sanitising machines dotted around – please use these regularly.

Please remember to keep your mouth and nose covered when moving around our venue.

Personal bubbles

Following government guidelines, we have divided our venue into three sections, with a one-way system running throughout. This allows each event within 15Hatfields to be contained in its own bubble.

Within each bubble, we will allocate one member of staff to assist delegates within that bubble only.

Wearing full PPE, this staff member will serve your refreshments and lunch within the bubble, reducing contact with the outside world and making contact tracing easier.

Food in the venue

Our supplier Eden Caterers has created a Socially Distanced Menu for all delegates in the venue. This is made up of individual platters that contain a full meal. This ensures that government regulations can continue to be met whilst enjoying a delicious lunch at a safe distance from colleagues.

Although our lunch platters are single-use to reduce the risk of crosscontamination between clients, they are sustainably made from naturally fallen palm leaves from the Adaka nut palm tree, making them 100% natural and compostable.

Cleaning and sanitising of the venue

All touchpoints are cleaned and sanitised every two hours as part of a robust cleaning rota, and staff have been fully trained in hygiene and are monitored for compliance.

Our chairs are cleaned with a professional steam cleaner after every meeting, and all hard surfaces are sanitised using professional cleaning products and hot steam.

To complement this cleaning rota, we have invested in an advanced residual antimicrobial product, which harnesses biotechnology and is effective against bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

The antimicrobial agent in the product creates a barrier that kills germs upon impact and provides long-term protection on all of our surfaces, for up to 30 days.