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Make Plastic History 

Success story 8 - Although they’re often essential in preventing trip hazards at events, polyethene tapes are notoriously non-recyclable. To comply with health and safety regulations, and prevent trip hazards, we have now invested in reusable carpet covers, instead of single-use tape.All polyethene tapes have been eliminated from our venue and replaced with reusable carpet covers.

Plastic sponge scourers  

All polyethene adhesive tape has been removed from our venue and has been replaced them with a reusable alternative.


To comply with health and safety regulations at 15Hatfields, we must ensure that all electrical cables and trip hazards are covered. Until recently, we did this by covering all cables with black duct tape. In a single month we could use up to four rolls of this tape which generated excess waste and went against our sustainable principles.


Following extensive research, we discovered a sustainable yet cost-effective alternative to plastic-based adhesive tape -reusable carpet covers. These carpet covers prevent potential trip hazards by sticking to the carpet with Velcro and can be used time and again, thus eliminating plastic waste entirely.

Top tips

Avoid the need for non-recyclable plastic associated with cable covers by:

  • Researching alternatives to plastic adhesive tapes; there are many cost-effective alternatives out there which are worth investing in
  • Spreading the word to other companies about using these sustainable alternatives to encourage widespread adoption

  Download a PDF of success story 8