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Make Plastic History 

Success story 5 - As the removal of non-recyclable single-use plastic from 15Hatfields continues, all plastic packaging for our napkins has now been dispensed withAll non-recyclable napkin packaging eliminated! By shopping around for a sustainable supplier, we were able to go one step further by having no plastic packaging for our tableware.

100% recycled napkins  

Through our research we have sourced fully sustainable napkins for the venue, which are unbleached, compostable and come wrapped in recycled paper.


Our previous napkins, despite being unbleached and recyclable, were still delivered wrapped in plastic and placed inside a cardboard box. It was a challenge to find napkins that were not wrapped in plastic, but after carefully researching alternatives we eventually found Kraft recyclable napkins which are packaged in recyclable paper.


Kraft napkins are 100% recycled and unbleached and come wrapped in recyclable paper. After testing out samples, we were also pleased to learn that they are also fully biodegradable and compostable while still being absorbent and practical.

Top tips

Avoid the need for non-recyclable single-use plastic associated with napkin packaging by:

  • Only using the napkins you need to avoid wastage
  • Avoiding buying napkins that are packed in plastic where possible. If no plastic-free options are available, email companies and supermarkets to demonstrate that the demand for sustainable paper packaging is growing

  Download a PDF of success story 5