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Make Plastic History 

Success story 4 - As part of our strategy of reducing non-recyclable single-use plastic across our venue, we have switched to a biscuit supplier that uses 100% recyclable packagingAll non-recyclable biscuit packaging eliminated! A straightforward change in supplier means that the packaging used for our biscuits is fully sustainable. Using a UK-based supplier also has the additional benefit of a reducing our carbon footprint when the biscuits are delivered.


By switching to Borders Biscuitiers, we now have another supplier who only uses 100% recycled plastic packaging.


Up until now, we had stocked biscuits with non-recyclable wrapping and trays. It had been a major challenge to find good quality biscuits without plastic packaging that could meet our requirements.

While we accepted that we might not be able to reduce plastic packaging entirely in this instance, we wanted all materials used to be fully recyclable.


After carefully researching alternative suppliers, we discovered Border Biscuitiers could deliver in bulk with packaging that is 100% recyclable. We were also impressed by Border’s commitment to doing good in their local community, where 10% of their profits are donated to local charities and causes in Lanark, Scotland. In addition it has over 40 delicious biscuit recipes and had been recognised at the 2018 Great Taste Awards as one of the nation’s best biscuitiers!

Top tips

Avoid the need for non-recyclable single-use plastic associated with biscuit packaging by:

  • Supporting local and independent bakeries 
  • Contacting local supermarkets and producers to put pressure on corporations to change how they package their goods for the better
  • Buying plastic-free options, where possible, from supermarkets to make sure your voice as a consumer is heard – use your buying power!

  Download a PDF of success story 4