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Make Plastic History 

Success story 12 - Thanks to the innovative recycling company, TerraCycle we are able to recycle the nylon gloves that we use daily at 15Hatfields, thus helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.Our previously nonrecyclable gloves are now giving back to the planet,
through donations to Plastic Oceans UK, a nongovernmental organisation that helps to prevent contamination to our oceans.

Nylon gloves  

Nylon gloves are essential for hygienic food handling at 15Hatfields, but they present an obstacle to our sustainable goals, but we have found a way to reduce the impact of their usage.


In the events industry, there are mandatory plastics that are unavoidable, such as nylon gloves for handling food. Nylon gloves are not currently recyclable and have, therefore, presented a challenge to the 15Hatfields team. We wanted to find a way to recycle them and reduce single-use plastic waste.


The help us with the sustainable dilemma posed by using nylon gloves, we sought out a company who collect and recycle hard-to-recycle waste. TerraCycle offers free national recycling programmes funded by brands, manufacturers and retailers worldwide. We send our waste to one of TerraCycle’s many public drop-off points across the UK and earn TerraCycle points for every kilogram of waste. Each point is converted by TerraCycle, into money which is then donated to a charity of our choice in this case, Plastic Oceans UK. By using this service, we are helping to reduce ocean pollution by supporting ocean clean-up programmes to prevent further contamination from single-use plastic.

Top tips

Avoid the need for excess plastic associated with food hygiene products by:

  • Looking locally for free TerraCycle drop off points or alternatively you can send your recycling to them.
  • Spreading the word! Telling other people about TerraCycle helps the organisation grow and gain investors.
  • Set up your own TerraCycle collection point as an individual or a community, which encourages working together to eliminate waste and help our planet.

  Download a PDF of success story 12