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Make Plastic History 

Success story 11 - 15Hatfields is now purchasing cleaning products from Delphis, the first UK-based cleaning product company to use bottles composed of 100% recycled plastic.Our washing detergents are now completely vegan and cruelty-free.

Detergent coming out of a bottle  

We have reduced our plastic consumption and our carbon footprint by using a UK-based, environmentally friendly detergent supplier.


We have always used environmentally friendly washing detergents to clean the venue, facilities and crockery, making sure neither our health nor the planets, is compromised. However, most detergents, no matter how eco-friendly, often come in unsustainable plastic bottles, which poses a real challenge to our sustainable credentials.


To mitigate the impact of seemingly unavoidable plastic, we have changed supplier to Delphis. Delphis provide larger bottles, which means less plastic is used than the smaller counterparts their competitors use, but their bottles also use 100% recycled plastic. We also order large bottles of sustainable hand-wash and washing-up liquid, which are then decanted into refillable bottles to reduce plastic waste.

Additionally, by using a British company we have reduced the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with the transport of goods and are helping to promote a circular economy that recycles and reuses again and again.

Top tips

Avoid the need for excess plastic associated with cleaning products by:

  • Buying larger bottles and decanting liquids where possible, so that less plastic is used overall
  • Choosing bars of personal hygiene products such as soap and shampoo bars, these are often plastic free
  • Swapping harsh chemical cleaning products for eco-friendly ones that are better for the environment

  Download a PDF of success story 11