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Make Plastic History 

Success story 10 - While many venues offer plastic cutlery, we feel offering single-use cutlery, even if it is biodegradable, is not in line with our values as a sustainable organisation.Despite never having used disposable plastic cutlery at our events, we have now completely banned it from the venue.

Cutlery and plates  

We have banned all single-use cutlery from events at our venue, using silverware made from recycled steel.


Much of the food served at 15Hatfields requires some form of cutlery, such as our salads and breakfast granola pots (see Success Story 9). While our caterers provide a compostable option from Vegware, we have asked them to stop sending us this cutlery as we wanted to avoid the use of single-use cutlery, whether it is compostable or not.


By using our cutlery, which is made from 90% recycled UK steel from Sheffield and can be washed and reused countless times, we have rejected the use of plastic cutlery from our venue.

Top tips

Avoid the need for single-use plastic associated with cutlery by:

  • Buying travel cutlery sets. If you know you’ll be eating out, bring your own cutlery- you can even buy cases or pouches to carry them in!
  • Refusing single-use plastic cutlery - cafes often provide cutlery automatically, rejecting it ensures the items are not wasted.
  • Encouraging companies to use alternative materials for cutlery such as wood - feedback always helps companies adapt to reach new demands.

  Download a PDF of success story 10