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Webcasting is used to ‘broadcast’ your event to a potentially unlimited number of users who can watch and take part in the event from any compatible computer or smart phone.  This can be done live or on-demand and the footage of the event can be stored for use at a later date.  The webpage that is viewed by the user can be customised and twitter, chat and other features can be integrated. This innovative method of presenting your event offers the following key benefits:

  • Send live video, PowerPoint and/or any other ‘content’ to a potentially unlimited number of people worldwide.
  • Delegates can watch from their home or office on a customised webpage or using their smart phone or tablet.
  • Equipment in house, reducing additional transport costs and environmental impact
  • Live interaction, voting, polls, chat and Q&A to your requirement
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint
  • Save money on expensive travel

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