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Video conferencing


15Hatfields high-definition Video Conferencing facilities provide standards based communication for maximum compatibility for point-to-point communications i.e. one site to another or multi-site video links.  We can integrate video links into the main meeting space to allow interactive discussion between your entire audience and that of another event, to bring external speakers up on the screen or provide a smaller meeting room with video link capability for face to face meetings. This cutting edge service offers the following benefits:

  • Hold productive and interactive meetings with people across the globe
  • Have simultaneous events in multiples locations all linked together
  • Send or receive PowerPoint or other ‘content’ on a separate screen
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint
  • Save money on expensive travel

Using Present Communications' cloud hosted video conferencing services alongside our own, we are able to communicate with H.323 and SIP based video conference suites anywhere in the world with up to a maximum of 12 participants.  Our Polycom hardware 'endpoints' are provided in-house which allows us to further reduce environmental impact and cost associated with delivery.

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