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Audio Visual


15 Hatfields' integrated Audio Visual system is second to none, demonstrating flexibility, reliability and quality never seen before in a purpose built conference centre.  Our comprehensive selection of equipment and infrastructure ensure your event is seen and heard clearly in the room and by a wider audience throughout the world.  The event space is designed to be flexible and cater to the specific needs of your event. The audio, projection, and connectivity systems are designed with this in mind and are easily controlled using the wireless Crestron controls.

A discreet distributed PA system ensures crystal clear audio throughout the entire space and allows for 24 wired inputs and 2 wired outputs with flexible routing to each of the spaces with integrated recording and video conferencing as well as provision for the hard of hearing.

Built-in ceiling mounted cameras provide a simple to use, integrate video suite environment with H.323 and SIP connectivity providing standards based video connections to anywhere in the world.  Our Super-Fast, low latency internet connection not only provides the infrastructure for video conferencing and live event streaming but is also perfect for live gaming and other technically demanding events.

It is possible to use the integrated equipment in a stand-alone mode and also, utilising a number of inputs and outputs around the room, for your own production team (or ours) to integrate their equipment with ours potentially offering even more functionality such as integrated telephone hybrids.

WiFi throughout the venue can accommodate 100's of users simultaneously with an uninterrupted connection to our 1Gb fibre optic line which comes directly into the conference suite.  Dedicated networks are preconfigured for secure, event specific usage.  Ensure you, your users and/or your technical team have their own hard wired or WiFi network.

For more information or to discuss additional requirements, please contact our service partner, Present Communications ltd.



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